Reminder from a pastor... 一位牧師的提醒
Reminder from a pastor...一位牧師的提醒

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February 2018

" Add new webpage :On-lined Bible Class" to study Epistle John 1, 2, and 3

2018, 2月,網站查經班每個星期一課--研究討論約翰一書和二,三書


 We added a new webpage "Information about References" 有關參考的好書介紹


In Home page, we add "The Horrible Judgement of God" 上帝的審判- -水深火熱可怕之中的可怕


In Peotry page, we add "Third Temple" 第三聖殿(2/2018)


 March, 2018


In "For Believers" page, we add "Corruption and Pollution 腐敗與污染"(3/2018)


We added a new webpage " Definition" 我們添加這個網頁,來解釋一些名詞; 讓我們每個人都有一個清晰的理解。(3/2018)


We added the  following article to "Testimony and Witness" webpage and main website.

A Personal Witness on the Love of my God to me from a pastor of this website

我們添加 "見證"網頁: 本網站
我的上帝給我的愛 - 來自本網站,一牧師個人的見證!


We added the following peotry in the webpage "Peotry"

 門前先樹十字架 (3/2018)

We added Sermon 36 (3/2018)

The Word of Life from the Beginning (Part 4)                                                                                          從起初原有的生命之道(4) "要叫你們知道自己有永生"((約翰一書5:6-13)NEW


April, 2018

We added 不要讓肺部當空氣清潔器"  by Dr. Song C. Huang, MD to webpage" Food Supplement"


We started the on-line Bible Class and have posted the first week video "Introduction" on April 16, 2018. If interested, go to the webpage" On-line Bible Class" to check it out.

We posted the second week video on April 22, 2018


We posted a sermon video on 1 john (Part 5" in Sermon webpage 

從起初原有的生命之道(5) "使徒約翰,對所有教會的提醒"(約翰一書2:12-14)


We posted the third week video on  April 29, 2018. Thios week is to study 1 John 2:1 for the on-line Bible Class. Please go to the " On-line Bible Class" web page if you are interested.


May, 2018

* posted the 4th week video in the "On-line Bible Class" webpage

* added two sermon videos"真理和愛的學習", "真理和愛的應用"

* Added Information Overload資訊爆炸 to the webpage "For Believers"“給信徒們”新網頁 and on the main webpage 本網站

* Added to Main Webpage When the wise are blind, where is Justice當智者失明時,正義在何處? 

 * Posted the 5th and 6th week videos in the "on-line Bible Class" webpage

* Posted the 7th week video in the "on-line Bible Class" webpage

* Posted the 8th week video in the "on-line Bible Class" webpage


July, 2018

* add "Alert and Sober 謹慎自守" to home page

*  Add "On Decay and Corruption Again再論衰敗與腐敗"


September, 2018

* Add  "The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our inheritance (1 Peter 1:1-5)                                                  聖靈是我們得基業的憑據 " to the sermon webpage

* Add the article " Importance of Studying the Bible and of Constant Prayers 研讀聖經和持續祈禱的重要性" to home page.


Reminders... 提醒

Only God - Deut 6-4-5


以色列阿,你要聽!耶和華 ─ 我們神是獨一的主。

你要盡心, 盡性、盡力愛耶和華─你的神。(申6:4-5)





萬物都是藉著他有的, 我們也是藉著他有的。(歌林多前書 8:6)



Supremacy of Jesus Christ our Lord - Phil 2:9-11; Col 1:15-20

主耶穌的絕對優越性—無不口稱耶穌為主 (西 1:15-20)







Inerrancy of Holy Scripture Psalm 19:7-9, Matt 5:18

聖經的精確性(詩 19:7-9)

馬太福音 5:18







Glorious Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ which demonstrates the love of God - John 3:16-18



叫一切信他的,不至滅亡,反得永生。 因為神差他的兒子降世,不是要定世人的罪,

乃是要叫世人因他得救。 信他的人,不被定罪;不信的人,罪已經定了,因為他不信神獨生子的名。

(約翰福音 3:16-18)


Obedience to God is much better than offering sacrifices - Hos 6:6




(何西阿書 6:6)


For I delight in loyalty 
 rather than sacrifice. 
And in the knowledge of 
God rather than burnt 

(Hos 6:6)



The righteous shall live by faith alone - Habbakuk 2:4

義人因信得生  迦勒底人自高自大,心不正直;惟義人因信得生。(哈巴谷書2:4)



Self-denial and be patient in enduring afflictions are the God's ways for us in following Jesus Christ our Lord - Matthew 16:24


(馬太福音 16:24)

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