Reminder from a pastor... 一位牧師的提醒
Reminder from a pastor...一位牧師的提醒

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February 2018

" Add new webpage :On-lined Bible Class" to study Epistle John 1, 2, and 3

2018, 2月,網站查經班每個星期一課--研究討論約翰一書和二,三書


 We added a new webpage "Information about References" 有關參考的好書介紹


In Home page, we add "The Horrible Judgement of God" 上帝的審判- -水深火熱可怕之中的可怕


In Peotry page, we add "Third Temple" 第三聖殿(2/2018)


 March, 2018


In "For Believers" page, we add "Corruption and Pollution 腐敗與污染"(3/2018)


We added a new webpage " Definition" 我們添加這個網頁,來解釋一些名詞; 讓我們每個人都有一個清晰的理解。(3/2018)


We added the  following article to "Testimony and Witness" webpage and main website.

A Personal Witness on the Love of my God to me from a pastor of this website

我們添加 "見證"網頁: 本網站
我的上帝給我的愛 - 來自本網站,一牧師個人的見證!


We added the following peotry in the webpage "Peotry"

 門前先樹十字架 (3/2018)

We added Sermon 36 (3/2018)

The Word of Life from the Beginning (Part 4)                                                                                          從起初原有的生命之道(4) "要叫你們知道自己有永生"((約翰一書5:6-13)NEW


April, 2018

We added 不要讓肺部當空氣清潔器"  by Dr. Song C. Huang, MD to webpage" Food Supplement"


We started the on-line Bible Class and have posted the first week video "Introduction" on April 16, 2018. If interested, go to the webpage" On-line Bible Class" to check it out.

We posted the second week video on April 22, 2018


We posted a sermon video on 1 john (Part 5" in Sermon webpage 

從起初原有的生命之道(5) "使徒約翰,對所有教會的提醒"(約翰一書2:12-14)


We posted the third week video on  April 29, 2018. Thios week is to study 1 John 2:1 for the on-line Bible Class. Please go to the " On-line Bible Class" web page if you are interested.


May, 2018

* posted the 4th week video in the "On-line Bible Class" webpage

* added two sermon videos"真理和愛的學習", "真理和愛的應用"

* Added Information Overload資訊爆炸 to the webpage "For Believers"“給信徒們”新網頁 and on the main webpage 本網站

* Added to Main Webpage When the wise are blind, where is Justice當智者失明時,正義在何處? 

 * Posted the 5th and 6th week videos in the "on-line Bible Class" webpage

* Posted the 7th week video in the "on-line Bible Class" webpage

* Posted the 8th week video in the "on-line Bible Class" webpage


July, 2018

* add "Alert and Sober 謹慎自守" to home page

*  Add "On Decay and Corruption Again再論衰敗與腐敗"


September, 2018

* Add  "The Holy Spirit is the guarantee of our inheritance (1 Peter 1:1-5)                                                  聖靈是我們得基業的憑據 " to the sermon webpage

* Add the article " Importance of Studying the Bible and of Constant Prayers 研讀聖經和持續祈禱的重要性" to home page.


Nov, 2018

Add Thanksgiving Message to main page


Dec, 2018

Add Christmas Message to main page


Reminders... 提醒

Only God - Deut 6-4-5


以色列阿,你要聽!耶和華 ─ 我們神是獨一的主。

你要盡心, 盡性、盡力愛耶和華─你的神。(申6:4-5)





萬物都是藉著他有的, 我們也是藉著他有的。(歌林多前書 8:6)



Supremacy of Jesus Christ our Lord - Phil 2:9-11; Col 1:15-20

主耶穌的絕對優越性—無不口稱耶穌為主 (西 1:15-20)







Inerrancy of Holy Scripture Psalm 19:7-9, Matt 5:18

聖經的精確性(詩 19:7-9)

馬太福音 5:18







Glorious Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ which demonstrates the love of God - John 3:16-18



叫一切信他的,不至滅亡,反得永生。 因為神差他的兒子降世,不是要定世人的罪,

乃是要叫世人因他得救。 信他的人,不被定罪;不信的人,罪已經定了,因為他不信神獨生子的名。

(約翰福音 3:16-18)


Obedience to God is much better than offering sacrifices - Hos 6:6




(何西阿書 6:6)


For I delight in loyalty 
 rather than sacrifice. 
And in the knowledge of 
God rather than burnt 

(Hos 6:6)



The righteous shall live by faith alone - Habbakuk 2:4

義人因信得生  迦勒底人自高自大,心不正直;惟義人因信得生。(哈巴谷書2:4)



Self-denial and be patient in enduring afflictions are the God's ways for us in following Jesus Christ our Lord - Matthew 16:24


(馬太福音 16:24)

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