Reminder from a pastor... 一位牧師的提醒
Reminder from a pastor...一位牧師的提醒

We add this web page of “End of The Ages” for your following considerations:

1. During current chaotic situation with the Covid 19 pandemic, daily living of many people are highly stressed due to, but not limited to, (i) restrictions of personal face-to-face conversations and social contacts, (ii) loss of jobs due to close of businesses, and (iii) on-line education of young students at home rather than playing with their friends at school setting, etc. So the questions such as where are we going, what is the meaning of life, etc will once again come to many people’s minds. 
2. It appears that evil rampages and lawlessness prevails in many regions or many neighborhoods of cities. Are we getting better as the evolutionists would say we are or are we going into darkness as some of the end-time prophetic profiteers would say?
3. As an individual, what should I know to prepare myself and my family for the future?


Thus, the objectives herein are (1) to show the context of the end time as revealed in the Bible and (2) to provide our readers with a few signs/warnings concerning the coming of the end of the ages. Main idea is to educate ourselves on the truth revealed in the Bible so that we would have peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ, and stand firm on our belief and not be misled by so many false teachers and anti-christs in our days.



The contents of this webpage consist of the following which will grow as our time and energy are allowed by our Lord.
* How do I know that the end of the ages is coming? (1/2021)

* Where are we now in the time domain of the end of the ages?(1/2021)

* Satan’s Beast Empires in the human history (1/2021)(NEW)


1. 在當前Covid 19大流行造成的混亂局面下,由於許多人的日常生活受到極大壓力:(i)限制個人面對面的交談和社交聯繫;(ii)關閉業務,以及(iii)在家裡對年輕學生進行在線教育,而不是在學校環境中和他們的朋友一起玩等。因此,諸如我們要去哪裡,生命的意義是什麼等問題將再次出現。 引起很多人的注意。
2. 似乎在許多地區或城市,普遍存在邪惡橫行和違法行為。 我們是像進化論者所說的那樣變得更好嗎?還是像某些末期預言家所言,我們正在走向黑暗?
3. 作為個人,我應該為自己和家人為未來做些什麼準備?
因此,本網頁的目的是(1)展示聖經所揭示的末日時間的背景,(2為我們的讀者提供一些有關時代終結的徵兆/警告。 主要是對聖經中所揭示的真理進行自我教育,以便我們擁有主耶穌基督的平安與喜樂,並堅定我們的信念,而不會在當今時代被眾多假教師和敵基督者誤導。



* 我怎麼知道末日時代的

* 我們現在處於時代末期的哪裡?(1/2021)

* 在人類歷史上的撒旦人類帝國 (1/2021)(NEW)



How do I know that the End of the ages is coming?

How do I know that the End of the ages is coming?

First of all, no one except God knows the exact hour but we should know the signs of its coming. Why?  Because the Scripture says:


Concerning the exact hour!
Matt 24:36-39, 36 “But about that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. 37 For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah. 38 For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be. Warning: So do not be misled by the false teachers that claim they know the day the world ends.


What Should I do?
Concerning the preparation for the faithful church: Luke 12: 54-56, 54 And He [i.e., Jesus] was also saying to the crowds, “Whenever you see a cloud rising in the west, you immediately say, ‘A shower is coming,’ and so it turns out. 55 And whenever you feel a south wind blowing, you say, ‘It will be a hot day,’ and it turns out that way. 56 You hypocrites! You know how to analyze the appearance of the earth and the sky, but how is it that you do not know how to analyze this present time? Warning: Rather than wasting your emotions on various fake news and half true opinions in the social media which may tickle your ear, diligently discipline yourself in spending time in the Bible to know the signs of the coming end of the ages.


Where should I start in the Bible?
We suggest a few to get you started. You should also ask your Elders or your Pastor if you belong to a Christian church.
1.   Daniel Chapter 2 Concerning the dream of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great image.
    Note:  This gives  a context of Satan’s beast empires in the human history.
2.   Daniel Chapter 7 Concerning vision of the beast.
3.   Daniel Chapter 9 Concerning Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Jewish people and its holy city.
4.   Revelation Chapter 17 concerning the final beast empire at the end.
5.   Our Lord’s Olivet Discourse found in Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21.


What should my approach be?
We suggest that you take the approach of a truth seeker rather than a scholar’s gaining knowledge approach. We should enhance our life rather than our pride. This means that we seek fellowship with our Lord and with the saints such as Apostles and your fellow believers.
You may ask what do you means by fellowship? For example, we seek a fellowship with Apostle Paul by finding out what he knows about our Lord and what he knows about the end time revelation to him.

Furthermore, the Apostle John’s book of Revelation is a great basic resource on the end time. Just as Rev 1: 3, “3 Blessed is the one who reads, and those who hear the words of the prophecy and keep the things which are written in it; for the time is near.”  So to our dear readers: Do enjoy your blessing, while you trust the Almighty and Merciful God to guide you in your incredibly blessed journey through this world by searching through the Scripture concerning our Lord’s return to the earth to judge the wicked and to restore His righteousness in His millennial kingdom.




首先,除了上帝以外,沒有人知道確切的時間,但我們應該知道時間的到來。 為什麼? 因為聖經說:

馬太福音24:36-39,36 但那日子、那時辰,沒有人知道,連天上的使者也不知道,子也不知道,唯獨父知道。 37 挪亞的日子怎樣,人子降臨也要怎樣。 38 當洪水以前的日子,人照常吃喝嫁娶,直到挪亞進方舟的那日, 39 不知不覺洪水來了,把他們全都沖去。人子降臨也要這樣。警告:所以不要被聲稱知道世界末日的假老師誤導。

關於忠實教會的準備:路加福音12:54-56, 54 耶穌又對眾人說:「你們看見西邊起了雲彩,就說『要下一陣雨』,果然就有。 55 起了南風,就說『將要燥熱』,也就有了。 56 假冒為善的人哪,你們知道分辨天地的氣色,怎麼不知道分辨這時候呢?


我們建議您一些入門。 如果您屬於基督教教會, 您還應該詢問您的長老或牧師關於為此的參考。
1. 但以理書第2章關於尼布甲尼撒(Nebuchadnezzar)夢的偉大形象。


我們建議您採用尋求真理的方法,而不是學者的知識獲取方法。 我們應該改善生活而不是驕傲自豪。 這意味著我們尋求與我們的主以及與使徒和眾信徒等聖徒一起的團契。
您可能會問,團契意味著什麼? 例如,我們與使徒保羅團契,了解他對我們的主的了解以及對末日啟示給他的了解。此外,《聖約翰啟示錄》是末日時代的重要參考資源。 就像啟示錄1:3一樣,”3 念這書上預言的和那些聽見又遵守其中所記載的,都是有福的,因為日期近了”。因此,對我們親愛的讀者們來說:在全能和仁慈的上帝陪伴下, 您踏上這個難以置信的旅程中,(通過搜索聖經有關我們主重返大地來, 審判邪惡的人並恢復他的公義), 享受您的祝福。

Where are we now in the time domain of the end of the ages?

1. What is the 70 weeks prophecy?

A. This 70 weeks prophecy is revealed in Dan 9, particularly 9:24-27.

B. The context of the 70 weeks prophecy revealed to Daniel is that this 70 weeks prophecy is concerning with his people (i.e., Israel) and its Holy City (i.e., Jerusalem). Daniel received this revelation while he was living in exile in Babylonia (See Ref.1 “ History of Israel” in the Bible Study Webpage in this Website for details). So the start of this 70 weeks was in the year 457BCE as explained below:
By studying Scripture, Daniel knew from Prophet Jeremiah that the desolation of Jerusalem would last seventy years. Daniel pleaded with the Lord to restore Jerusalem. This resulted in Angel Gabriel ’s visit and revealed the famous 70 times 7 prophesy  concerning  Israel and Jerusalem to Daniel  (See Daniel chapter 9), which revealed Jerusalem would be rebuilt. This prophecy of rebuilding Jerusalem was fulfilled by God’s instrument  King Artaxerxes of Persia’s  decree at 457 B.C. Incidentally, there were several decrees of rebuilding Temple and Jerusalem City including King Cyrus (Ezra 1), King Darius (Ezra 6), King
Artaxerxes (Ezra 7) and King Artaxerxes (Nehemiah 2).  Also, Babylon was conquered in 539 B.C., by Persian King Cyrus the Great. 

C. What is the significance of the 70 weeks prophecy? It revealed the rebuilt of Jerusalem (already fulfilled), the first coming of Messiah (already fulfilled), desolation and destruction of Jerusalem and its second Temple (already fulfilled in 70 AD), and the end of ages things including the Anti-Christ’s abominations, and final judgement by our Lord’s return to destroy the Anti-Christ(i.e.,  the end of ages in the future).


2. Where are we now in the time frame of the end of the ages? 

A. The 69th weeks of the 70-weeks prophecy already passed, and the 70th week events do not start yet. We are in the gap between the 69th and the 70th weeks which Apostle Paul called the mystery not revealed in OT until to the apostles in NT.

B. Embedded in this gap was the great diaspora of the Jewish people scattered throughout the world as foretold in Ezekiel 36:19. Destruction of Jerusalem and second Temple and the subsequent dispersed of the Jews throughout the world was a direct result of the unbelief and killing of their Messiah Jesus Christ as revealed in Matthews 27:25 and foretold in Deuteronomy 30.1.

C. It is important to understand the manifolds of God’s wisdom and glory expressed in His doings in the human history including the end time. Per the 70th-week revelation, Anti-christ would make a peace agreement with Israel. Thus, it would not be possible until the Jewish people to return from the world to their own land in Palestine to be a nation again. The gathering of Jews from their diaspora was also foretold in Ezekiel 36:24 and Deuteronomy 30:3.

D. Thus, before the initiation of the End of the ages (i.e., the 70th week), there would be a nation of Israel and their full control of Jerusalem again. This was indeed fulfilled in 1948 and after the six-day war of 1967.

E. It is truly amazing to know the precision of the Scripture in those portions of the the 70 weeks prophecy that had passed in the human history up to now. Do you know that the Bible even reveals that Israel would still be in their unbelief state when they re-established their nation in 1948. Amazing indeed! Do you know that Israel re-establishment as a nation in the year of 1948 was also as mandated by the Bible( See Ref.1). There are much more if you are willing to recognize God’s sovereignty over human history including our lives.



1. 70週的預言是什麼?

A. 但以理9,特別是9:24-27揭示了這70週的預言。
B. 背景: 這70週預言與他的百姓(即以色列)及其聖城(即耶路撒冷)有關。但以理在巴比倫流放期間得到了這個啟示(有關詳細信息,請參見本網站聖經研究網頁上的參考文獻1“以色列歷史”)。 因此,這70週的開始時間是在公元前457年,如下所述:通過學習聖經,但以理從先知耶利米得知,耶路撒冷的荒蕪將持續七十年。 但以理懇求主恢復耶路撒冷。這導致了天使加百列的訪問,並向但以理透露了有關以色列和耶路撒冷的著名的70x7預言(見但以理第9章),這表明耶路撒冷將被重建。重建該耶路撒冷的預言是在公元前457年上帝的波斯法王
亞達薛西王命令中開始實現的。  順便說一句,頒布了重建 耶路撒冷和聖殿幾項法令,包括居魯士王(以斯拉記1章),達魯迪王(以斯拉記6章),亞達薛西王(以斯拉記7章)和亞達薛西王(尼希米記2章)。 同樣,巴比倫在公元前539年被波斯國王居魯士大帝征服
C. 70週預言的意義是什麼? 它揭示了耶路撒冷的重建(已經實現),彌賽亞的第一次來臨(已經實現),耶路撒冷及其第二座聖殿的荒蕪和破壞(已完成於公元70年),以及包括敵基督的可憎性在內的各種時代的終結 ,並由我們的主歸來最終消滅敵基督(即未來時代的終結)。


2.  在時代的末期,我們現在在哪裡?

A. 70週預言中的第69週已經過去,而第70週的預告還沒有開始。 我們處在第69和第70週之間的間隙,即是,使徒保羅所稱在舊約中未揭開的奧秘時代,直到新約的使徒們才知道。
B. 正如以西結書36:19所預言的那樣,散佈在世界各地的猶太人大散居是在這一間隙時代中。 耶路撒冷和第二聖殿的毀滅,以及隨後猶太人在世界各地的散佈,是因猶太人不信和殺害他們的彌賽亞耶穌基督的直接結果,正如馬太福音27:25中所揭示和申命記30.1中所預言的。
C. 重要的是要理解上帝在人類歷史上(包括末日)所做的事情,所表達的各種智慧和榮耀。 根據第70週的啟示,敵基督者會與以色列國達成和平協議。 因此,直到猶太人民從世界返回巴勒斯坦自己的土地重新成為一個國家之前,這是不可能的。 在以西結書36:24和申命記30:3中也預言了猶太人從僑居地,返回巴勒斯坦自己的土地。
D. 因此,在時代的終結(即第70週)開始之前,將有一個以色列國,並再次完全控制耶路撒冷。 確實在1948年和1967年的六日戰爭之後實現了這一目標。
E. 迄今為止,在人類歷史上過去的70週的預言中,了解聖經的精確性真是令人驚訝。 您知道嗎,聖經甚至揭示了以色列在1948年重新建立自己的國家時,仍然會處於不信的狀態。的確令人驚訝! 您知道嗎,1948年以色列重新建立民族國家也是《聖經》預定的(
有關詳細信息,請參見本網站聖經研究網頁上的參考文獻1“以色列歷史”)。 如果您願意承認上帝對人類歷史(包括我們的生活)的主權,您會發現更多令人驚訝的事情。

Satan’s Beast Empires in the human history

Satan’s Beast Empires in the human history—Daniel Chapter 2 Concerning the Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the great image which provides an interesting context.

I. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia had this dream of the great image while Daniel was living in exile in Babylonia. So the beast empires of the Nebuchadnezzar started at the Babylonia empire and did not include the empires before him in the Middle East history.
II. Another key point is that the contact of the prophecies in the Book of Daniel is for his people (Israel) and for its holy city Jerusalem. That is why we do not see any civilizations mentioned outside the Middle East region.


The Great Image

Bible Reference

The Beast Empire


The  Gold Head

Dan 2: 32



The Silver Chest and Two Arms

Dan 2: 32



The Bronze Belly and Thighs

Dan 2: 32



The Iron Legs

Dan 2:33

East and West Romans Empires



The Gap of the Church age

Note 1

Gap between the 69th week and the 70th week of the Daniel 70x7 Prophecy. 

Feet of Ten Toes of part clay and part iron

Dan 2:33

Final Beast Empire

Note 2

Note 1. Given the fact that Jerusalem was under gentile control for the most of last two thousand years, readers can fill in various potential beast empires during this gap. An example is the Ottoman Empire (1299-1922). Also, another example is the Hitler’s Empire which prosecuted and killed millions of Jews.
Note 2. Final Beast Empire will start with the Anti-Christ’s control of three nations and expand to a ten-nation confederate just prior to the 70th week of 7 years.


III. It is worth to mention that there were two gentile empires before the Babylonia Empire. They are (1) Egyptian Empire, and (2) Assyrian Empire. Thus, these two plus the the empires of Nebuchadnezzar’s great image did indeed cover the human history in the Middle East region which have affected the Jews and City of Jerusalem.






I.  當但以理流亡巴比倫的時候,巴比倫的尼布甲尼撒王夢見了一偉大的形象。 因此,獸的帝國始於巴比倫帝國,沒有包括他之前,在中東歷史上的帝國。
II. 另一個關鍵點是,但以理書中的預言是為了他的人民(以色列) 和聖城(耶路撒冷)。 這就是為什麼我們看不到中東地區以外提到任何文明古國的原因。































備註1- 考慮到耶路撒冷在過去兩千多年的大部分時間內都處於外邦人控制之下,因此讀者可以在此期間填補各種外邦人的獸帝國。 一個例子是奧斯曼帝國(1299-1922)。 同樣,另一個例子是希特勒帝國,它暴力並殺死了數百萬猶太人。

備註2- 最終獸帝國將從敵基督控制三個國家開始,並在第70(7)之前擴展到由十個國家組成的同盟國。


III. 值得一提的是,巴比倫帝國之前有兩個外邦人帝國。 它們是(1)埃及帝國和(2)亞述帝國。 因此,這兩個國家加上尼布甲尼撒的形象帝國,確實覆蓋了影響了猶太人和耶路撒冷城,中東地區的人類帝國歷史。



















Reminders... 提醒

Only God - See Deut 6:4-5
Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.


以色列阿,你要聽!耶和華 ─ 我們神是獨一的主。

你要盡心, 盡性、盡力愛耶和華─你的神。(申6:4-5)


There is but one God, the Father, from whom are all things and we exist for Him; and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we exist through Him.(See 1 Coringthians 8:6)




萬物都是藉著他有的, 我們也是藉著他有的。(歌林多前書 8:6)


Supremacy of Jesus Christ our Lord - Phil 2:9-11; Col 1:15-20

The name which is above every name that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.


主耶穌的絕對優越性—無不口稱耶穌為主 (西 1:15-20)


又賜給他那超乎萬名之上的名, 叫一切在天上的、地上的,和地底下的,因耶穌的名無不屈膝,無不口稱耶穌基督為主,使榮耀歸與父神。(腓2:9-11)



Inerrancy of Holy Scripture Psalm 19:7-9, Matt 5:18

Until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished.


聖經的精確性(詩 19:7-9)

馬太福音 5:18







Glorious Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ which demonstrates the love of God - John 3:16-18

16 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.17 For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. 18 He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of Go


神愛世人,甚至將他的獨生子賜給他們,叫一切信他的,不至滅亡,反得永生。 因為神差他的兒子降世,不是要定世人的罪,乃是要叫世人因他得救。 信他的人,不被定罪;不信的人,罪已經定了,因為他不信神獨生子的名。

(約翰福音 3:16-18)


Obedience to God is much better than offering sacrifices - Hos 6:6




(何西阿書 6:6)


For I delight in loyalty 
 rather than sacrifice. 
And in the knowledge of 
God rather than burnt 

(Hos 6:6)



The righteous shall live by faith alone - Habbakuk 2:4

義人因信得生  迦勒底人自高自大,心不正直;惟義人因信得生。(哈巴谷書2:4)



Self-denial and be patient in enduring afflictions are the God's ways for us in following Jesus Christ our Lord - Matthew 16:24


(馬太福音 16:24)


Goal of Redemption is in Sanctification of the Spirit, through Obedience to Jesus Christ, and be Holy to the LORD. Be Ye Holy, For I am Holy.

(1 Peter 1:15-16; Lev 11:45)

救贖的目的是藉著聖靈,順服耶穌基督,歸耶和華為聖。 你們要聖潔,因為我是聖潔的。(彼得前書1:15-16; 利11:45)

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